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SAP Variant Configuration Online Training Course Details

Unit 1: SAP Variant Configuration Overview
What is SAP Variant Configuration
Why Variant Configuration Required
Advantages of Variant Configuration
VC Model and Master Data
Implementation Requirements
Variant Configuration Integration
Return on Investment (ROI)
Challenges in Variant Configuration
Process with Variant Configuration
Configuration Workgroup
VC Demo
Unit 2: VC Configuration and Master Data Settings
Characteristic Group
Dependency Groups
Defining a Material as Configurable
Configuration Profile
Super BOM
Super Routing
Unit 3: Characteristics
Creating Characteristics
Naming Conventions
Entering Basic Data, Values, Additional Data
Allowed Changes to Characteristics
Characteristics Dependency Assignments
Reference Characteristics
Reporting Functions for Characteristics and Where used List
Changing, and Displaying Characteristics
Unit 4: Class and Classification
Class Types and Overview
Create Class
Assign Characteristics to the Class
Assign Dependencies to the Class
Object Dependencies in Classification
Finding Objects
Reporting to the Class and Classification
Changing/Deleting Classes and Classification
Unit 5: Variant Functions
Create Variant Function
Function Call
Procedure using Variant Function
Changing/Deleting Variant Function
Unit 6: Variant Tables
Creating Variant Table Structure
Link to Data Base Tables
Maintaining Table Entries
Tables used in Preconditions
Tables used in Selection Conditions
Tables used in Procedure
Tables used in Constraints
Changing/Deleting Variant Tables
Unit 7: Dependencies
Dependency Overview and Types
Creating Dependencies
Selection Conditions
Dependency Syntax
Dependency Assignments
Where Used List and Reporting
Changing/Deleting Dependencies
Unit 8: Configuration Profile and Interface Design
Creating Configuration Profile
Process Overview
Order BOM
Interface Design
Changing/Deleting Configuration Profile
Possible Combinations of Configuration Profiles
Unit 9: Super BOM
Creating Super BOM
Class Items as BOM Components
Procedure in Super BOM
Assigning Selection Conditions to the Super BOM
Classification (200 and 201)
Variant Tables for BOM Components
Reference Characteristics in Super BOM
Changing/Deleting Super BOM
Unit 10: Super Routing
Creating Super Routing
Routing Operations
Procedure in Super Routing
Assigning Selection Conditions to the Routing Operations
Variant Tables for Routing Operations Times
Reference Characteristics in Super Routing
Changing/Deleting Super Routing
Unit 11: Variant Pricing
Variant Conditions Overview
Variant Conditions Creation
Variant Conditions using Tables
Call Variant Conditions through Procedure
Unit 12: VC Landscape and Master Data Change Process
Variant Configuration System Landscape
VC Roles
VC Master Data Change Process
ALE Settings
VC Master Data Approval Process
Unit 13: VC Implementation Methodology
VC Blue Print and Workshops
MTO and MTS with Variant Configuration
VC Master Data Scope
VC Master Design Sheets
Upload and Validation
VC Training and Documentation
Go-Live, Hypercare  and Support
Unit 14: VC with SAP Hybris CPQ, IPC, WEB UI Overview
VC with SAP Hybris
VC Models with SAP Fiori UI

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