SAP QM Online Training gives you a comprehensive introduction to the processes of quality management. You’ll find details using SAP QM in your production environment, and learn about viable solution options for business-related tasks with your SAP system. And you’ll find real-life examples to help you quickly understand and implement the concepts.
In addition to quality planning, quality inspection, and quality control, you’ll learn about vendor evaluation and test equipment management, which are integrated in other SAP modules and integral to quality management. You’ll find many useful tips based on the authors’ practical experience to give you valuable insight into solving complex tasks and customizing to meet your own specific requirements, and you’ll examine Audit Management and the integration with SAP NetWeaver BI.

  • ·  Configuring RFC Destination   
    • Active the application in the client   
    • Activating the Services   
    • Perform Automatic Workflow Configuration   
    • Define Business Process & Sub Business Process   
    • Common Configuration   

  • ·  Maintain Connectors to Connection Type   
    • Maintain Connection   
    • Maintain Connector Settings   
  •  Maintain Configuration   
    • Maintain Mapping for Actions and Connector Groups
    • Maintain Access Control Owners & other Nominations   
    • Synchronization Jobs   
  • ·  Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set   
    • Analyze and Manage Risk   
    • Maintain a Critical Access Rule   
    • Role Level Simulation   
  • ·  User Level Simulation   
    • Perform Ad Hoc Risk Analysis   
    • Mitigating Risks   
    • Emergency Access Management Configuration   
  • ·  Maintain Owners and Controllers in Central Owner Maintenance   
  • ·  Assign Owners to Firefighter IDs   
  • ·  Assign Controllers to Firefighter IDs   
  • ·  Assign Firefighter Users to Firefighter IDs   
    • Maintain Reason Codes   
  • ·  Monitoring Emergency Access   
    • Review a Log Report   
    • Maintaining MSMP Workflow   
    • Customize Workflow   
    • Settings Specific to Provisioning and Managing Users   
  • ·  End User Personalization Forms   
    • Create an Access Request   
  • ·  Configuring Role Management   
    • Roles-Specific Configuration Options   
    • Configuring Role Methodology   
    • Settings for Condition Groups   
    • Maintain Owners for Role Management   
    • Create a Single Role 
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