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SAP GRC Online Training

SAP GRC Online Training:

  • Introduction to SAP Access Control
    • Discussing Business Challenges and Solutions
    • Using Access Control
  • Architecture, Security and Authorizations
    • Describing the System Architecture
    • Describing Object-Level Security
    • Describing Authorization Concepts
  • Authorization Risks and the SoD Risk Management Process
    • Identifying Authorization Risks
    • Managing Risk by Segregating Duties
  • Shared Configuration Settings
    • Configuring Shared SAP GRC Settings
    • Configuring Shared Access Control Settings
  • SAP Access Control Repository
    • Synchronizing Objects into the Repository
    • Scheduling and Viewing Background Jobs
  • Business Rule Framework (BRF)
    • Creating Rules in the Business Rule Framework (BRF)
    • Defining Business Rules
  • MSMP Workflow
    • Describing Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow
    • Maintaining MSMP Workflow
  • Analyze and Manage Risk
    • Maintaining Shared Master Data
    • Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set
    • Using and Configuring Audit Trail Tracking
    • Using the Risk Analysis Framework
    • Remediating Risks
    • Mitigating Risks
    • Mass Mitigating
  • Emergency Access Management inSAP GRC Online Training
    • Managing Emergency Access
    • Planning for Emergency Access: Owners, Controllers, and Firefighters
    • Planning for Emergency Access: Reason Codes
    • Monitoring Emergency Access

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