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SAP Governance risk and compliance (GRC) Online Training By Professionals

Specto Training is one of the promote leading IT training Institutions.Our SAP Governance risk and compliance (GRC) Online Training trainers are Highly talented and have Excellent Teaching skills.we are committed to deliver high end solutions with the right blend of knowledge.They are well experienced trainers in their relative field.All our students were happy With our online training is your one stop & Best solution to learn SAP Governance risk and compliance (GRC) Online Training at your home with flexible Timings.

SAP GRC Online Training:

Introduction to SAP Access Control
Discussing Business Challenges and Solutions
Using Access Control

Architecture, Security and Authorizations
Describing the System Architecture
Describing Object-Level Security
Describing Authorization Concepts

Authorization Risks and the SoD Risk Management Process
Identifying Authorization Risks
Managing Risk by Segregating Duties

Shared Configuration Settings
Configuring Shared SAP GRC Settings
Configuring Shared Access Control Settings

SAP Access Control Repository
Synchronizing Objects into the Repository
Scheduling and Viewing Background Jobs

Business Rule Framework (BRF)
Creating Rules in the Business Rule Framework (BRF)
Defining Business Rules

MSMP Workflow

Describing Multi-Stage Multi-Path Workflow
Maintaining MSMP Workflow

Analyze and Manage Risk
Maintaining Shared Master Data
Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set
Using and Configuring Audit Trail Tracking
Using the Risk Analysis Framework
Remediating Risks
Mitigating Risks
Mass Mitigating

Emergency Access Management in SAP GRC Online Training
Managing Emergency Access
Planning for Emergency Access: Owners, Controllers, and Firefighters
Planning for Emergency Access: Reason Codes
Monitoring Emergency Access

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