SAP SECURITY Training Overview

Specto Training SAP Security Training is designed for network and systems administrator who deal with the complexity of having to make judgmental decisions regarding enormously complicated and technical data in the SAP landscape, as well as pay attention to new compliance rules and security regulations.
Most SAP users experience significant challenges when trying to manage and mitigate the risks in existing or new security solutions and usually end up facing repetitive, expensive re-work and perpetuated compliance challenges. This sap security online training is designed to help them properly and efficiently manage these challenges on an ongoing basis. It aims to remove the ‘Black Box’ mystique that surrounds SAP security.

SAP Security Online Training

SAP Security Online Training Course Content :

  • What is Security & Why?
  • Security audit & consideration?
  • Security layers
    • Data layer
    • Access security
    • Operational security
  • Audit Security & Security audit log parameters.
  • Application on R/3 Security.
  • OS level security & Change management.
  • Types of Security’s
    • Internal Security
    • External Security
    • SAP Security
  • User administration & Types of Users.
  • Central user administration (CUA).
  • Authorizations
    • Authorization Objects
    • Authorization profiles
    • Programming authorizations
    • Authorization groups
    • Missing authorizations
    • Authorization Trace.
  • Roles : SAP Security Online Training
    • Composite Role
    • Single Role
    • Derived Role
    • Parent Role & Child Role.
  • Transaportation of Roles & Role Mitigation.
  • The complete User status (SUIM).
  • Locking transactions.
  • Restricting access to SAP* & DDIC.
  • SAP History .
  • SAP R/3 architecture & Layers.
  • Client administration.
  • Spool administration Basics.
  • Background jobs.
  • Monitoring.
  • Transport management Basics.

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