SAP EHS(Environment Health Safety )Online Training Classes in usa|uk|australia

SAP EHS(Environment Health Safety )Online Training Classes

SAP  Environment Health Safety Online Training Course Details

SAP EHS Online Training Course Content:
SAP EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) Course OverView:
    SAP Overview
    EHS Overview
    ASAP Methodology
    Introduction to ERP
    Familiarization with SAP
    Basic Data & Tools
    Product Safety - 1
    Product Safety - 2
    Hazardous Substance Management - 1
    Hazardous Substance Management - 2
    Dangerous Goods Management -1
    Dangerous Goods Management -2
    Industrial Hygiene and Safety - 1
    Industrial Hygiene and Safety - 2
    Waste Management -1
    Waste Management -2
    Occupational Health -1
    Occupational Health -2
    Classification System
    Reporting System -1
    Reporting System -2
    Basic Workflow
    Legacy System Data Migration
    Roles and Profile Definition
    Organization Structure
    Integration With PP and QM

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